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Making Your First

 The DIY


(Do It Yourself)

No Measure – No Cut – No Drill – No Glue

DSLR Accessory Frame and Stabilizing Cage

Welcome to “The Bracket Frame Accessory Cage

& the how-to ebook:



The idea was not to put any undue stress on the hot show with several heavy items sitting on it with an extension bar.


So this build is for making an accessory frame that goes around the camera and attaches to the tripod with my light, monitor etc. on them.

camera frame simple setup

Or you can hold it with two hands to create a stabilizer to help with moving shots.


All items use to build this frame was brought only on eBay.

For written instructions on how to do this. Please click cart button below.

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  1. Cool stuff, thank you 🙂
    Tobias Soppa

  2. Could it get any easier? Only if you want to buy it at a premium. Very clever plan – look forward to building one and letting my fellow filmmakers know. – Tamara Gurbis, Phenomenal Films, San Francisco

  3. It appears that you really simplified the “basic” How To’s – And did it in a user friendly way. I’m sure those who referred to your book …will find it helpful.
    TT – NYC

  4. Cool! & Innovative.
    JR Post

  5. A great and helpful idea. I just miss a follow focus part that would make a huge difference.

  6. you can only say nice things……

  7. Got the book! As a female I am always weary of cutting things that are made out of metal … bad experience … ouch! I really like the “out of a box” thinking and I am looking forward to the next version … whatever it may be. – Having these type of books on hand should be everybody’s idea … Wonder who else bought one and found it as helpful as I did. Hope there are many of you out there!! Conny

  8. Nice simple cage/handle w/ extra mounts. Nice job.

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